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0x800A0062 when using COM Interop on ASP.NET

Like many exceptions related to COM Interop, the exception COMException(0X800A0062): Exception from HRESULT: 0X800A0062 can have many causes. The information is out there on the web, and I was eventually able to track down a solution for my application. However, … Continue reading

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0x80010007 RPC_E_SERVER_DIED: Causes and Solutions

I often work with a variety of tools and development platforms. Recently, I have been working on VB.NET project for a client’s flagship product, a business management software weighing in at 92 million lines of code. The project interacts with … Continue reading

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Jargon confuses users and hinders package selection

As mentioned in previous posts, the main feature that users of a package manager rely on to determine which of many possibly-relevant packages to install is the long description. A previous post discussed some of the findings on long descriptions … Continue reading

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Writing descriptions for package managers: keep it short and say what it does

In previous posts, I explained how users use short descriptions as the first filter to pick what software packages are right for them. The other features to help users choose a package from the many options are used to differentiate … Continue reading

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Building IronAHK from source on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

I recently built and installed IronAHK from source. IronAHK is an open-source re-implementation of AutoHotKey for Mono. (it also runs on Microsoft’s .NET) A tutorial is available at, but I found it a little sparse (the page is completely blank) … Continue reading

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Skipping descriptions is bad for users but good for business

As mentioned in a previous post, descriptions are the most powerful tool users use to choose between search results and category contents in a package manager. The short description provides an initial relevance filter. All package managers I studied, except … Continue reading

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