0x800A0062 when using COM Interop on ASP.NET

Like many exceptions related to COM Interop, the exception COMException(0X800A0062): Exception from HRESULT: 0X800A0062 can have many causes. The information is out there on the web, and I was eventually able to track down a solution for my application. However, there is a fair trail of bread crumbs one must follow from searching on the original error to finding a solution for this problem in ASP.NET. To spare other developers the hassle, I have posted my solution here.

Generally, this error results from an attempt to access a STA (single-threaded apartment) COM component from a context with a different threading model. VB6 DLLs are generally STA COM components. ASP.NET pages, by default, do not run in a single-threaded apartment. As a result, this error can easily occur if you try to access a VB6 component from ASP.NET.

The easiest solution is to set the ASP.NET page to run in STA mode. To do this, add AspCompat=”true” to the <%@ Page … %> directive on the page that uses the COM component. This flag is set on a page-by-page basis.

Microsoft has a page about this, but it is hard to find because it does not mention the error that occurs if you don’t include the AspCompat flag in your page directive.

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