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SSH through firewalls using a reverse SSH tunnel

There are many posts on the Internet with instructions to set up SSH tunnels. However, the tutorials I found described either ways to: forward HTTP and other protocols from a firewalled machine through one that is not firewalled, or forward … Continue reading

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Battlezone-style weapon pickups in Unreal Engine 3

Given the vehicle class provided in the previous post, it is easy to create a pickup that can change the weapon selection for the vehicle. To provide the simplest possible example that demonstrates the concept, this example makes the weapon … Continue reading

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Battlezone-style weapon changes in Unreal Engine 3

In a future post, I will be providing a short tutorial on providing Battlezone-style weapon pickups for vehicles in games built using Unreal Engine 3. The existing code for vehicles in Unreal Engine 3 assumes a single weapon per vehicle … Continue reading

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